A Different Kind of Church


Freedom House operates as an Apostolic Center in 3 ways:

As a Hospital

We carry on Jesus’ mission to see people healed and whole – offering ministries that focus on healing and deliverance – especially inner healing from inner wounds and abuse.

As a University

We carry out Jesus’ mission to see people become disciples, educated and equipped in the truths of the gospel and how to live them out personally and intimately

As an Airport

We carry out Jesus’ mission by releasing people in their gifts and calling, helping them fulfill God’s destiny and mission in their life personally.

A House of Freedom

We call ourselves a house because we believe so passionately in community, relationships, and family. In other words – when it comes to functioning as a hospital, university, and airport – we do so in the spirit of a family, in the context of community, and through intentional relationships… All of this is wrapped around a freedom that is found in Christ.

Sunday Gatherings @10am

3501 Byer Rd Byron, CA (Click to Map)

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