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Areas of Outreach

International Missions

The vision of Freedom House is to affect the destinies of nations and one of the ways we fulfill that vision is through our international ministry of missions. If you feel God is calling you to become involved in international missions or a missions trip, please use the button below to contact our mission leaders.

National Missions

Several have moved across the nation to become involved in the vision of Freedom House. So, we understand the heart to reach people in our own nation. Maybe you feel called to reach another area of our state or even reach those in another state. As a church we would want to find a way to support and cheerlead you in your journey, please contact us today!

Local Missions

We have many in our local area who need the basics of life- clean water, food, clothing, and a place to call home. If you are interested in loving and serving the unfortunate in our community, we would be happy to get you plugged into the right mission. Please contact us today using the form below and we can point you in the right direction.

Click the “GIVE” button below to support mission projects

How to get involved

Sometimes we think making a big difference in the lives of those around us will take a lot of time. But you would be amazed at how much of a difference you can make in your world with just a few hours or sometimes just a few minutes of your day.

At Freedom House our goal is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Jesus said “go make disciples” and one major component of that is “Sending Centers” to launch those who are equipped.

To be a launching point for those who are fully equipped to do the work of the ministry. Sending people out to “plant the gospel” locally, nationally, and internationally.

Ours is a culture of Freedom… not just any type Freedom. True authentic Freedom that is found only in Christ!

Go Make Disciples

My trip to Austria made me more aware of the church on an international level and how God connects people from all over the world to help spread the gospel. It increased my faith and showed that with God anything is possible.

Nathan Woodfield

Member Austria Missions Team , (Spring 2015)

We love to bring dinner, clothing and necessities and have a chance to just love on our local people!

It’s really a beautiful thing and I’m so humbled by what we’re experiencing!

Jamie Garza

Love In Motion, East Bay Homeless Outreach

What excited me about it was I’ve never really prayed over someone but when I told this girl at Tilly’s she was on my treasure hunt list she said ok.
I was surprised because most people don’t really care about it but this girl really wanted to know more about God. Spencer talked to her and she prayed to receive Christ.

Nolan Herode

Brentwood Area Treasure Hunt , (Spring 2015)

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